SweatCoin FAQs

Thank you for taking part in the SweatCoin x Barbell Apparel promotion. 

We've partnered with Sweatcoin to offer a $75 gift card applicable towards ANY pair of pants. Normally they retail for $149, so this means you'll get our flagship Athletic Fit Denim for over half off. 

Please browse our Men's or Women's selection of Athletic Fit Denim and Chinos, and apply your Sweatcoin gift code at checkout to redeem your purchase.

We believe in exercise and are excited to partner with a company like SweatCoin. Our mission is to inspire people to reach their full physical potential, and we love the SweatCoin is doing the same thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) I've applied my Sweatcoin gift card, but the order still shows a $74 balance

The Sweatcoin promotion is for a $75 gift card towards any pair of our Athletic Fit Denim or Chinos. This brings the total price down to $74, which is due at checkout. 

2.) I was confused about the promotion and would like my Sweatcoins refunded. 

We're sorry to hear the terms of the promotion may have been unclear to some users. However, we have no control over the Sweatcoin app, or the promotion language. All of that is entirely controlled by Sweatcoin. 

We do not receive any Sweatcoins for this promotion. When you redeem your coins, your are giving them to the Sweatcoin app. 

If you have questions, concerns, or issues with your Sweatcoins or the app itself, please contact their help desk below: 


Thanks again! We hope to partner with Sweatcoin again in the future, and keep bringing you awesome rewards for your hard work.