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Sports Bras for Women

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Designed to fit like a glove, our sports bras are engineered to support your body faithfully, even through your most vigorous workouts. Give Barbell's women's sports bras a try, but be prepared: you'll never want to wear a different bra again.

One of our best-selling sports bras is the Vented Bra. You show up, work hard, and make your own rules. You deserve clothing built to support what you're all about. Flex on 'em with the all-new Vented Bra, engineered from our form supporting Flextek fabric. This bra features a mid-rise waistband as well as a tailored athletic fit. It's available in sizes XS to XL and in maroon, black, or lunar gray.

Get your sweat on and feel better than ever; our Luna Bra is designed to hug you in all the right places while maximizing comfort as you go through your day. It's built from the same Flextek fabric as our Vented Bra, but it features a high-rise waistband instead of a mid-rise one. This bra might just be the best bra you've ever worn, available in the same sizes as the Vented Bra, but in slightly different colors, including black, plum, and rifle.

The Barbell Bra is designed to support your toughest workouts in style, ensuring you can focus on the task at hand. After all, the easiest way to know you're wearing a good bra is when you forget you're wearing one. The Barbell Bra features the company name on the mid-rise waistband and is available in the colors of black, static gray, and rifle. When you wear this bra, it's just you and the Barbell.

Our final product from our line of women's sports bras is the Form Bra. Designed to fit your unique body type, our Form Bra is built from Flextek fabric engineered to support the body you've work so hard to attain. With fused straps that lay flat on your back but never squeeze too tightly, this bra is perfect for the toughest workouts, but it's also comfortable enough to wear all day. It's available in maroon, charcoal, rifle green, and lavender.