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Women's New Athletic Wear

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Our line of women's new athletic wear is expanding all the time! We're excited to provide you with the latest and greatest fitness fabrics so that you can look and feel your best no matter how tough your workouts are.

The latest additions to our new women's athletic apparel are our amazing Stayput Shorts. Strong ladies everywhere know the struggle of running, doing squats, or lifting weights while wearing shorts. More often than not, the shorts shift and move as you do, and you constantly find yourself having to pull them down or readjust them so that they stay comfortable. That's exactly why we made the Stayput Shorts. Featuring a subtle silicone texture in the bottom of each leg opening, these shorts stay put no matter how much you move. Get a pair of your own before they're gone! Available in sizes XXS to XL and in the following colors: black, charcoal, rifle, lavender, and cadet.

Some of our women's new athletic wear are not-so-new products that have been updated with your tastes in mind. We know how much you love the Essence Crop, so we made it available in a brand new color: teal. This beautiful shade looks good on everyone, which is why the Teal Essence Crop has already become so popular. Work out in style and comfort with a shirt that features a low crop and super soft tri-blend fabric; it's never been easier to feel self-confident.

We made another one of our best-selling shirts in a brand new color: now you can buy the Barbell Crop Tee in royal blue. This shirt features the logo that started it all so that you can show 'em what you're all about. Get ready to feel strong and sexy with a flawless mid-rise crop, and designed with our super soft tri-blend fabric.

You might think that we'd stop at only providing two shirts in our line of new women's athletic apparel in brand new colors, but nope! The Full Circle Cutoff Tank is now available in sunset, a soft mix of pink and orange. This shirt combines a classic muscle tank fit with a mid-rise crop; who says you can't look buff AND adorable? Pair this tank with your favorite workout bottoms, or throw on a pair of our athletic-fit jeans for a fun day with friends.