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Meet the casual wear that's perfectly fitted to show off the hard work you put into your fitness routine. Barbell Apparel was founded by a team of athletes and friends who understand the hours you put into lifting weights and getting outdoors week in and week out. Our women's casual clothing is engineered to work just as hard as you do to keep you feeling and looking your absolute best, from our best-selling chinos to our amazing denim.

The most popular item from our selection of women's casual wear, Barbell Apparel denim, is made to perform in perfect sync with your body no matter what your day throws at you. Battle-born in Las Vegas, our denim is built for the athletic body that needs to move, relax, and look good. Sporting a waistband that rests on your hips and Barbell Advanced Flexible Denim material that gives plenty of room in your hips, thighs, and glutes, these are the most performance-oriented jeans ever made. Customers can't stop raving about the way our women's jeans fit even the most unique body types, and some even say that our jeans are the only jeans they'll ever buy or wear again.

We've always believed that women's casual clothing deserves to be better, which is what we had in mind when we designed our Women's Athletic Chino Pants. Hand-crafted from premium materials like our Technologically Advanced Flexible Fabric, these pants are built to perform like high-tech athletic gear while staying fashion conscious. Our omnistretch fabric keeps your quads comfortable and gives you complete freedom of movement in your hips, thighs, and glutes. Our customers have praised the way our women's chinos shape your backside and fit even the most muscular calves. Now sporting a new and improved waist-hugging fit, you won't need to wonder why our chinos have been some of our best sellers.

Whether you need bottoms for training and recovery or a day out with friends, Barbell's selection of jeans, chinos, dress pants, and leggings will provide the most comfort and versatility of any athletic fit bottoms on the market. If you're not satisfied with any purchase of women's casual wear you make, you can get a full refund or exchange your item for something else within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.