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We Made Too Much Men's Apparel Sale

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Barbell started with a mission to fulfill specific clothing needs for guys like you: guys with bulky calves, thighs, and glutes that couldn't find jeans anywhere else. We were inspired by athletes all around the world, knowing that they worked hard day in and day out to achieve those physical results, and we firmly believed that those athletes deserved clothes that worked as hard for them as they worked for themselves. But, we got a little overzealous with that mission, and we made too many products. The men's Barbell Apparel sale is having allows you to get up to 50% off our overstocked products. Now you can feel comfortable and confident for less.

The main products in our athletic apparel men's sale come from our Havok products line, like the Havok Polo, the Havok Long Sleeve Polo, and the Havok Short Sleeve. Our Havok Polos are so popular that we've sold out of them quite a few times, and now you can get yours today at a much more affordable cost.

The Havok Polo is more than a shirt. Available in blue, cobalt, heather purple, and our special Black Edition, this polo is engineered from a space-age fabric built to regulate your body temperature. That's right--you can look professional without having to worry about becoming drenched in sweat. The Havok Polo features a tailored athletic fit designed from wrinkle-resistant material that is not only unbelievably light but incredibly soft and comfortable. Staying dry and looking good all day long has never been so easy. Our short sleeve polos are great for spring and summer while our long sleeve polos will keep you warm all fall and winter. The Havok Short Sleeve is made from the same material as our Havok Polos, but it has a much more modern and casual style that pairs well with jeans or chinos. Bottom line? There's a Havok product for everybody in our men's sale Barbell Apparel.

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