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Men's Athletic Fit New Releases

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Meet the latest and greatest in new release men's athletic fit clothing. This gear is cutting-edge in athletic fit and performance wear, so be sure to get your favorite clothes before they're gone.

Here are just a few of our men's athletic fit clothing new releases:

- Ghost and Maverick Shorts: Experience the complete freedom of movement, chafe-free comfort, and thoughtful functionality of our all-new Ghost Shorts and Maverick Shorts. Some of the features these bad boys have included a 7" inseam on the Ghost Short and a 5" inseam on the Maverick, a chafe-free liner, a built-in phone holder, zippered pockets, and moisture-wicking technology engineered from Ultralight fabric. These shorts are built to show off all those leg days you never skip, and once you try one pair, you may end up buying a pair in each color.

- Anything Chinos: Designed to handle anything your day throws at you, from hours in the office to a night on the town, these are the most comfortable, versatile pants we've ever created. Our Anything Chinos are engineered with a flawless athletic fit from Ultraflex fabric, making them incredibly flexible and mind-blowingly soft. As a bonus, there are hidden stash pockets so that you can keep your belongings secure. The Anything Chinos are stylish enough to wear anywhere, crafted to be wrinkle resistant. Honestly, these might be the last pants you ever need.

- Anything Shorts: Want the perks of Chinos during the summer? The only real difference between our Anything Chinos and our Anything Shorts is the length of the inseam. These shorts are perfect when you want to be both a little dressed up and a little casual.

When it comes to innovations in men's athletic fit clothing, don't depend on any other company to satisfy your need for versatility and comfort. Barbell started with an idea for high-performance, ultra-comfortable athletic jeans to fit bulky calves, quads, and glutes. Then, it turned into one of the most successful Kickstarters of all time. We know the athletic fit apparel industry, and we can confidently say that we're the best in the business.