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Workout Of The Day

If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse

You don’t need a lot of weight to build muscle... but you do have to put in the work! Join us and our friend @aaronlesue with today's daily workout to help keep you healthy and motivated.

Today's workout:

Brought to you by Aaron Lesue.

(3 Rounds)
1️⃣ Kang Squat x 6-8
2️⃣ Split Lunge x6-8 ea
(3 Rounds)
1️⃣ Bulgarian + SL RDL x6-8 ea
2️⃣ Prone DB Ham Hold (GH) x 20-30 seconds
(3 Rounds)
1️⃣ DB Bent Row x 10
2️⃣ Couch Climb x 30 sec
3️⃣ DB High Pull x 20
(2 Rounds)
Conditioning Round - AMRAP
1️⃣ Plank Reach x 1 Minute
2️⃣ Man Makers x 1 Minute

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