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Workout Of The Day

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Wednesday is here and that means it’s time for an upper body at home workout! Join us and our friends at Camp Rhino with daily workouts to help keep you healthy and motivated.

Today's workout:

Brought to you by Kailen with Camp Rhino.

Warm Up:

10 Min. Run
(Focus On Elevating Heart Rate For Workout)


Workout: (5 Rounds)

5 Rounds
10 Bent Over Rows (Barbell/Dumbbell/Kettlebell)
10 Tricep Kick Ours (Go Light For Full ROM)
10 Pull-Ups -or- Ring Rows
10 Lateral Raises
10 Upright Rows
20 Squat Jacks


Cool Down: 

5 Min. Walk
Foam Roll -or- Stretch As Needed


Want to do the workout along side Kailen?

Check out his instructional video!

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