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Workout Of The Day

Do something today that your future self will thank you for! 

If you're finding it hard to get motivated to work out as intensely as you do at the gym, it may help to find a time each day to devote to your home workout, make it part of your daily scheduleJoin us and our friends at Camp Rhino with daily workouts to help keep you healthy and motivated.

Today's workout:

Brought to you by Kailen with Camp Rhino.

Warm Up:

2 Min. Jump Rope -or- 2 Min. Small Jump 
:30 Second Bear Crawl
:30 Second Crab Walk
:30 Second High Knee
:30 Second Butt Kicker

Repeat 2 Times


5 Min. Run
-2 Min. Rest-
5 Min. Step Ups
-2 Min. Rest-
5 Min. Curl To Press (Switch Every 10 Reps)

Repeat 2 Times

Cool Down: 

2 Min. Walk
1 Min. Couch Stretch (L)
1 Min. Couch Stretch (R)
1 Min. Door Stretch


Want to do the workout along side Kailen?

Check out his instructional video!

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