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Workout Of The Day

Exercise is essential for supporting healthy immune function! 

These times are tough and staying in physical shape is a must! Give this workout a try and let us know how you like it. Join us and our friends at Camp Rhino with daily workouts to help keep you healthy and motivated.

Today's workout:

Brought to you by Kailen with Camp Rhino.

Warm Up:

Repeat for 6 min:

40 - Jumping Jacks
20 - Small -> Big Arm Circles
10 - Air Squats
5 - Hand Release Push-Ups

Workout: (40 minutes total)

20 - 2 By 2 Of Air Squats
10 - 1 By 1 Of Push-Ups
20 - 2 By 2 Of Sit-Ups
10 - 1 By 1 Of Burpees


Accumulate 10 Min. Of A Wall Sit.

Cool Down:

10 Min. Free Stretch

Want to do the workout along side Kailen?

Check out his instructional video!

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