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Workout Of The Day

Stay fit at home with us!

Stuck at home? We are too, and we're partnering with our friends at Camp Rhino to bring you daily workouts to help keep you healthy and motivated.

Today's workout:

Brought to you by Kailen with Camp Rhino.

Warm Up:

2 min jog in place
:30 second bear crawl
:30 second crab walk
:30 second OH Hold (Left)
:30 second OH Hold (Right)

Repeat for 2 rounds


Single Arm Push Press
ODD - Left Arm
EVEN - Right Arm100 Bicycles


Goblet Squat
100 Bicycles


Single Arm Thruster
ODD - Left Arm
EVEN - Right Arm50 V-Ups

Want to do the workout along side Kailen?

Check out his instructional video!

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