Guy Running In Athletic Clothing

Workout Of The Day

Doing something is better than nothing! 

Maintaining your daily physical routine doesn't need to be stressful! Today is a lung burner. everyone loves some good cardio. Join us and our friends at Camp Rhino with daily workouts to help keep you healthy and motivated.

Today's workout:

Brought to you by Kailen with Camp Rhino.

Warm Up:

10 Heel 2 Butt
10 Knee 2 Chest
:15 Sec. High Knees
:15 Sec. Butt Kickers

Repeat for 2 rounds

Workout: (40 minutes total)

0-10 Min. - Run
10-15 Min. - Walk
15-20 Min. - Run
20-25 Min. - Walk
25-30 Min. - Run
30-35 Min. - Walk
35-40 Min. - Run

Cool Down:

3 x 10 Sec. Toe Touchers
       Calf Stretch (L)
       Calf Stretch (R)
1 Min. Walk

Repeat for 2 rounds

Want to do the workout along side Kailen?

Check out his instructional video!

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