Why are Joggers So Popular?

Why are Joggers So Popular?

Athleisure is trendier now than ever before, which means more and more people are starting to wear joggers. You aren't just limited to wearing joggers to the gym or on an early morning run anymore; even high-fashion designers are putting models on the catwalk in joggers! But what is it about joggers that make them so fashionable? We have three answers for you, revolving around the look of joggers, the feel of joggers, and the variety of styling options that joggers have to offer.

For one thing, joggers are flattering on any body type. Most pairs feature an elastic waistband and loose-fitting leg that tapers down around the ankle, giving the wearer a nice silhouette from the waist down without squeezing the waist or ankles too tightly. Leggings and yoga pants, on the other hand, fit more like a second skin throughout the entire leg. Many people feel self-conscious about their bodies and don't feel comfortable wearing such tight-fitting garments out in public, which makes a pair of joggers the perfect solution.

The second reason joggers are so popular is that they're so comfortable. They may even be more comfortable than yoga pants! Whereas yoga pants cling to your skin, joggers barely touch it (except around the waist and ankles), which gives you more room to breathe without feeling near-claustrophobic. Most joggers are also made out of athletic-appropriate materials since they were originally intended to be worn for exercise, making them much more comfortable.

Speaking of the ways people used to wear joggers: joggers are a lot more versatile than they used to be. They were created to function only as workout pants, but now manufacturers make them out of other materials suitable for casual and formal occasions. Joggers are as easy to dress up as they are to dress down, which means there's no limit to the number of ways you can wear them without ever looking like you've worn the same pair twice.

If you've never tried a pair of joggers for yourself, now's the time. See for yourself what's made everyone love joggers so much!