Shorts vs Joggers Comparison

Shorts vs Joggers Comparison

Everyone you see in the gym probably knows what they feel the most comfortable wearing, and a lot of that decision probably depends on the type of workout they plan on doing. In the case of shorts vs. joggers, when are shorts the better option? When should you opt for a pair of joggers instead?


You can probably guess which bottoms we'll suggest for running since it's in the bottoms' name. Shorts are great for running when it's really hot outside, but there are a lot of benefits that come with wearing joggers instead. The first benefit is that they protect your skin from insects, sunburn, and chafing. There's no worse feeling than the pain and discomfort that chafing causes, and when that pain sets in, finding the motivation to finish your run is difficult. Wearing joggers prevents that simply by being so long.

If you're interested in burning a lot of calories, the second advantage of wearing joggers while you run is that they help you produce more body heat. The heat itself doesn't make you burn more calories, per se, but the process your body goes through when trying to cool itself down does.

The third reason joggers make for supreme running gear is that they keep your leg muscles warm. If you have a bad habit of not warming up before a run, this can be especially beneficial for you. However, you should ALWAYS warm up those muscles before going on a run.


On the topic of weightlifting, we'll swing the other way and say that shorts are the better option. Whether you're specifically working your lower body or not, it's important to be able to see those legs so that you can make sure you're maintaining proper form to prevent injury. Also, if you ARE working your legs, it's nice to see those muscles move in real-time to measure the progress that you've made.

At the end of the day, whether you prefer shorts or joggers will depend on what you feel most comfortable in and what you think will offer you the most protection inside or out. Keep the points we made in mind as you navigate creating your next workout ensemble!