Men's Must-Have Workout Clothes

Men's Must-Have Workout Clothes

There are some things that are nice to have, and then there are some things every dude or dudette needs. Don't go into the gym unprepared. Here's a list of non-negotiable gym essentials for every man:


Not just good shoes, though; you need the right shoes for the activity you'll be doing. Just as an example, running shoes have a lot of cushion, but you don't need that cushion if you're planning on lifting weights. A n uneven balance could negatively affect your form.

Compression Socks

Serious athletes know the value of compression socks. They're especially good for runners, but you can benefit from them even if you don't enjoy running. Compression socks promote better blood circulation between your legs and your heart, which will help you work out longer and recover faster with little to no pain.

A Moisture-Wicking Shirt

There's no worse feeling than wearing a clean, dry cotton shirt to the gym and then leaving drenched in sweat. That's why moisture-wicking shirts are so great--they keep you dry and cool so that you can stay focused on your fitness.

Chafe-Resistant Shorts

Have you ever started chafing in the middle of a workout? It's not a good feeling, and the pain and discomfort can keep you from performing at your best. That's why you need a pair of specifically chafe-resistant shorts. Usually, they have two layers: a top layer that's nice and loose, and then a bottom layer that's skin tight and a little longer. This will keep your thighs--or anything else down there--from rubbing together uncomfortably.

Workout Gloves

There's nothing wrong with your callused hands and a little rough, but you can get some pretty nasty blisters if you do heavy deadlifts. Trust us: some pain isn't worth it. Workout gloves will cover your sweaty hands and help you grip your weights more firmly, which will help you perform at your best and build those awesome muscles.

Ensure you have everything you need to protect yourself and perform the best you can by stocking up on appropriate shoes, compression socks, moisture-wicking shirts, chafe-resistant shorts, and workout gloves today.