Leggings Fitting Guide

Leggings Fitting Guide

It's surprisingly tricky to find the right size leggings, especially since one brand's Large is another brand's Medium. How are we supposed to know which sizes to order online or be able to tell which ones fit us as we try them on in-store? We have the answers for you.

Ordering Leggings Online

If you hate clothes shopping with every fiber of your being, you've probably grown really fond of the internet. Ordering things online has made people's lives more convenient all over the globe, and why would ordering clothes be any different?

Well, because there's no worse feeling than being really excited about a pair of leggings you ordered online, trying them on, and realizing they don't fit. If you wear a large in most stores, your required size should wear a large for most online retailers, right? After all, how different can leggings be from company to company?

As it turns out, legging sizes vary GREATLY between brands. That's why you should always check the size chart on every brand's product page before you choose a size.

The size chart for a pair of leggings will tell you what sizes fit different waists and thighs. For example, a pair of medium Barbell leggings will fit someone with a 28 inch waistline and thighs that measure 22-26 inch around. If you're lucky, the size chart will also include an infographic showing you how to measure yourself to determine which size you should order. You MUST check the brand's size chart whenever you order clothes online to get leggings that fit you as snugly as possible.

If you don't trust or enjoy the online shopping process, there's no better test than trial and error within a department store.

Shopping for Leggings in Person

Here's a scenario: you know that a Large size pair of leggings typically works well for you, so you don't bother trying them on before you get home from the mall. Then, a girl's night out rolls around and the leggings are either squeezing the life out of your tummy or falling down every few seconds. What's the deal?

To make sure you bring home a pair of leggings that fits you perfectly, you should always try them on in-store. The right pair of leggings will hug your figure without giving you a muffin top, and the material on the legs won't be too loose/wrinkled. Even if you have to try on a few different sizes from a few different brands, it's worth taking the time to make sure you don't have to go through the hassle of returning a product after you've bought it.

Ready to find your perfect pair of leggings? Take your measurements and be prepared for a bit of trial and error. Trust us: that perfect pair of leggings will be worth it in the long run!