How are Joggers  Supposed to Fit Men?

How are Joggers Supposed to Fit Men?

Because joggers have a looser fit in the legs, it can be hard to tell how they're supposed to fit a guy. So, how do you know your joggers fit you correctly? Here are a few different ways to check.

  1. Check the fit around your ankle. Do the bottoms of your joggers sit close to your skin near your ankle, or are they a little roomy? Joggers are supposed to taper cleanly at the ankles, so if they hang loose in areas where they should be tight, your joggers are probably too big.
  2. Look at the ankle again. Do the joggers cover any parts of your shoes (unless you're wearing boots or something similar)? If so, your pants might be too long. Joggers should leave a bit of sock/skin showing, which a lot of guys aren't necessarily used to.
  3. If the overall fit of your joggers reminds you of skinny jeans or any other type of skinny pants, they're probably too small. People should be able to tell what the general shape of your body is, but one of the points of wearing joggers is that they fit kind of loosely between the waist and ankles. If you're showing everything you've got, try going up a size or two.
  4. Try moving around. Do you feel like you have a full range of motion, or do you feel a bit constricted? If you feel your waistband sliding down, your joggers are too big. If the elastic leaves you with red bands on your waist or ankle line, or if you feel like your pants are squeezing you in all the wrong places, they're too small.
  5. You want to make sure the waistband of your joggers sits comfortably on your hips. Like we said before, if it feels too tight or too loose, especially after you've moved around a bit, go up or go down a size as needed.
  6. This next step depends on the style of ensemble you're going for. Take a look at the crotch. If you're going for a casual look, a bit of drooping in that area is okay, but if you want a more tailored, professional, or formal look, the drooping should be kept to a minimum.

We hope these steps help you as you shop for your next pair of joggers, and we can't wait to see them on you.