Recovery: What You Wear AFTER the Gym Matters

Recovery: What You Wear AFTER the Gym Matters

Congratulations! You've completed a particularly tough workout. You're probably trying to catch your breath, and your muscles might feel a little sore. First thing's first: you want to get out of those sweaty, smelly workout clothes (and maybe take a shower). But what should you wear after that? Are there clothes that are better for post-exercise recovery than others?

What you do after a workout is just as important as what you do before and during a workout, and this includes choosing the right recovery wear. Here are a few suggestions if you don't know where to start:

Compression Wear

One of the most practical ways to get the most out of your recovery process is to wear compression clothing. You can find tops, pants, leggings, and even socks that help promote blood flow, which reduces post-workout pain and swelling. It might be a good idea to stock up on a few different pieces so that you can wear the appropriate item after a particular workout (i.e., compression pants/socks after running, compression top after upper body strength training).

Low Impact Bra

After women finish a workout, one of the sweatiest (if not THE sweatiest) pieces of clothing they have to deal with is their sports bra. To relieve soreness in the chest and get as comfortable as possible, ladies should change into a low-impact bra, especially if the exercises required a lot of hard, vigorous movement.


This suggestion is purely for comfort, though there's also some practicality to it. One of the best parts about joggers, and one of the reasons they've become so popular lately, is that you don't only have to wear them for a workout; they look great for casual social outings as well. That's why we recommend wearing them for your post-workout recovery: you can be super comfortable and stylish, especially if you throw on a good hoodie or sweatshirt to match.

After you've worked so hard, you deserve to be comfortable, and some of the clothes out there can help prevent soreness and swelling after exercise. We hope these suggestions help you as you navigate your recovery process, and we can't wait to see your results!