Athletic Clothing Types

Athletic Clothing Types

You might be surprised at how many types of athletic clothing there are. After all, it isn't just about shorts, sweatpants, tank tops, and T-shirts; within the world of athletic apparel, there are all kinds of tops and bottoms available to different types of athletes who require different features in their clothes to help them perform at their best. Here's a short guide to the different types of athletic apparel out there.


Tank Tops - These sleeveless shirts allow you to see your arm muscles working during strength training without trapping nearly as much sweat as cotton T-shirts.

Hoodies - Lightweight, long-sleeve pullovers are great for jogging or participating in any other outdoor workout when the weather's a little cold.

Tees - Made out of polyester, these short-sleeve workout shirts are great for any type of exercise, and they're extremely comfortable. (Not to be confused with cotton T-shirts.)

Long Sleeves - You're not just limited to short sleeves or no sleeves; polyester shirts with long sleeves are great for fall and winter workouts.

Sports Bras - There isn't a more important piece of workout gear for the ladies than a bra that is comfortable AND supportive.


Joggers - Way more comfortable and stylish than your regular sweatpants, these bottoms can be worn for exercising or casual everyday wear.

Shorts - There are all different kinds of shorts depending on the activity you want to do. For women, there are skin-tight shorts that don't move or ride up uncomfortably while you lift weights, and for men, there are shorts with an extra layer of material that prevents chafing while walking or running.

Leggings - Now available in a variety of styles and colors, there's a pair for every woman, which is why leggings are a necessity in every woman's wardrobe of workout apparel.


Running Shoes - Certain shoes are built for certain activities, and running shoes give you the proper cushioning you need on your toes and heels to run without putting too much strain on the wrong parts of your feet/legs.

Walking Shoes - Generally more lightweight than other kinds of athletic shoes, walking shoes help you shift your weight from your heel to your toe as comfortably as possible.

Cross Trainers - These shoes are perfect for athletes who participate in many different activities, so you don't have to purchase a different pair of shoes for every exercise you do.

Hiking Boots - The right hiking boots will help you scale mountain faces and offer proper grip on the trail beneath you, ensuring a safe and productive adventure.

We hope this list has broadened your horizons and maybe even helped you decide which type of athletic apparel you need to purchase next!