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Women's Athletic Fit Chinos

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There's only one problem with building enviable thigh and calf muscles, and that's finding the right pair of pants. Workout pants are easy--they're made of mostly stretchy material, and you can always find shorts that help your buff legs breathe. But what do you do when you want casual khakis? You come to Barbell and fall in love with our women's chinos.

Featuring technologically advanced flexible fabric and a new and improved waist-hugging fit, our women's athletic fit chinos are form-fitting throughout the hips, glutes, and thighs and are tapered from knee to ankle. Other casual pants are restricting, but not ours. You could do cartwheels in these pants and forget that they're not meant for the gym.

At Barbell, we know that your clothing deserves to be better. Hand-crafted from premium materials, our women's chinos are built to perform like high-tech athletic gear. With our Omni stretch fabric, these pants will keep your quads comfortable and give you complete freedom of movement with the fashion-conscious fit that's made our pants best sellers. Get a pair for yourself today and see what all the buzz is about.

Your body is a work of art, and your body is unique. You train, you run, you lift weights, and you practice yoga. You're dedicated to a life of peak physical fitness, and you deserve pants that make you feel beautiful. That's what Barbell's all about. We were inspired to create our athletic wear by a team of active weightlifters, sports fanatics, rock climbers, and all-around active friends who were just as frustrated with the market's lack of diversity as we were. We started with jeans to fit diverse body types and have added women's athletic fit chinos to our impressive collection of athletic clothes. One of the many reasons we've become America's most beloved brands is because of how much we care about the details. Clothes should always look as good as they feel, with meticulous attention to fit, fabric, and design that provides for more options and allows everyone to find the right style for them.