Women's Workout Leggings

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The ideal leggings are flattering, comfortable, and able to withstand even our most challenging workouts. Barbell Apparel has always believed that clothing should be better, and now we're proud to bring you a line of women's leggings with enough versatility to rival any athletic leggings out there.

You show up, work hard, and make your own rules as you go. It's time you had clothing that supports what you're all about: enter Barbell's Vented Leggings. Designed with form supporting Flextek fabric, a mid-rise waistband that features our brand name, and a tailored athletic fit, these women's workout leggings allow you to work hard and then flex your results with pride and confidence. These leggings make great gifts for the personal trainers and yoga enthusiasts in your life; some of our customers have even said they wish they had one pair for every day of the week.

If you want to get your sweat on and feel better than ever, try our Luna Leggings. Available in black, plum, or rifle, these workout leggings for women are built to hug you in all the right places and maximize your comfort levels as you go through your day. A dainty picture of a barbell is situated on the center of your lower back, reminding everyone around you that you're not just feminine and beautiful; you're a powerlifting warrior. These women's leggings are also great for activities like hiking and dog walking.

Designed to carry you through your toughest workouts in style, our Barbell Leggings keep you focused on the task at hand instead of stressed about uncomfortable material or an unflattering fit. There is no need to fear a fabric that slides when you need it to support you; our Barbell women's workout leggings are supportive without feeling restrictive. You may even forget you're wearing them!

Our Form Leggings are our only pair of high-waisted workout leggings for women, and that high waist covers your core without squeezing too tightly. Designed to fit like a glove that conforms perfectly to your curves, these leggings, like all our others, are engineered from the Flextek fabric we created to support the hot body you work so hard to achieve.

No matter your body type, our selection of women's leggings is sure to please. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, return or exchange any pair of leggings within 30 days, no questions asked.