Hoodies for Women

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Even though hoodies are great for cool weather, you can wear them any time of the year, especially if you enjoy early morning runs. Now you can stay stylish and cozy all day long no matter what the season is by wearing one of our Barbell women's hoodies. Designs are available in multiple colors and designs so that you can confidently show off your rebellious persona as well as your dedication to fitness.

Most of our women's gym hoodies feature a classic look and a modern fit. Some of the athletic hoodies we have are the All In Hoodie, featuring a graphic of a mischievous cartoon coyote in Las Vegas, NV, on the hoodie's back and front left chest. The Barbell Hoodie keeps it simple and only features the Barbell name and logo on the front. The Crucial Hoodie features the Barbell name within a black box on the front, while the Full Circle Hoodie has the Barbell Apparel name wrapping in a circle around a graphic barbell on the hoodie's back and front left chest. Our Good Times Hoodie features a roaring tiger graphic on the back and front left side of the chest for those who want to let out their wild side. Lastly, our Leopard Hoodie features a mean-looking leopard graphic on the back and front left chest. All of these women's hoodies are designed from a poly-blend material that runs true to size and features a tailored athletic fit. They're also available in unisex sizing, and you can pick out a style and then buy your favorite workout partner a hoodie that matches.

One of our women's gym hoodies is made specifically for women: the Crop Hoodie. Available in colors white, sunset, and orchid, this hoodie is a new American classic perfect to wear while you're warming up for your next workout or just lounging around on a cool day. It's made from our super soft poly-blend fabric and features a low crop and athletic fit.

We know that your body is a work of art that you strive to improve every single day, which is why you deserve clothing that allows you to show off your hard work and still feel comfortable. We believe that clothes should be better, and our line of women's athletic hoodies is no exception to that rule.